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Need a patent for your invention?  Then you need careful and candid counseling.  Since the America Invents Act of 2011, patent law has become nuanced to such a degree that new strategies must be employed.  We are the rare patent law firm with a USPTO trained patent attorney & software engineer who cut her teeth in fintech and in biotech.

Licenses, Agreements, contracts, negotiations

We bring our A-game to counseling and helping our clients negotiate intellectual property licensing, royalty, sale agreements, crowd funding/financing, and other forms of commercial contracts.  Use our Virtual Contract Drafter to create the formal agreements necessary to protect your startup, and have our attorneys review them before you put them to use.


The startup and small business marketplace is considered a wild frontier by some.  Not our business lawyers.  We are entrepreneurs ourselves, and are regularly called upon to counsel startups, accelerators, investors, non profits, and small businesses. Our firm buttons your company up to give it the competitive advantage.


We bring our expertise in financial transactions to get businesses buttoned up for their investors, from savvy angels to crowdfunders and everything between.  Savvy investors perform rigorous due diligence, and we partner with our clients to get them ready and help them sail through that critical period.  The laws surrounding crowd financing are rapidly evolving as well, and we stay on top of it for our clients.


Whether you're an individual angel investor, a seed fund, or an investment club, we can assist you with the due diligence process when considering investment in a startup.  Our experience working with investors on the buy side, and startups on the sell side, gives us the insight to help you analyze the legal risks of investing in specific small businesses and startups.

TRADEMARK strategy

Fanciful, arbitrary, suggestive?  We know the power of strong branding and will counsel you about your trademarks and trade dresses.  We'll help you think creatively and analytically about your trademarks and counsel you to put it in a legally strong position before and after trademark registration.


You want to protect your art, music, photography, research, literature or any other form in which your creative idea is expressed.  Our firm offers counsel to register, acquire, and transfer copyrights. We will review your work to help you avoid a cease and desist letter alleging copyright infringement.  

blockchain Technologies, DApps, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, ALTCOINS, ICOs (Token Sales)

Blockchain technology is here, and it's going to rock your world and your business in many ways.  The key will be adapting to it and adopting the technology wisely--don't fall for the hype; be counseled to see these technologies for what they are before you implement or invest in them.  North Carolina is one of the first states to touch on blockchain technology legislation.  We're at the forefront of this tremendous change to transactions and transactional practice and support vetted crypto ventures in this space.

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