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Our aim is that we are by the client's side for the long term. That's why the right fit from the get-go is so important.  We will try to let you know about other law firms and organizations that may suit your needs better if our Firm is not right for you at this time.  Before you fill out the form below, check out your state's resources, you county's small business center and your local legal clinics for free legal services and education.

The pre-intake form below helps us make a determination as to whether it is an appropriate time for us to meet with you regarding your legal issue.  Although the answers to this initial consultation form will be kept confidential in accordance with North Carolina's rules of professional conduct for attorneys, submitting this questionnaire does not create an Attorney-Client relationship between you or any members of the Firm.  An Attorney-Client relationship is formed if and only if you and the Firm sign a separate document titled “Engagement Agreement.”    If we determine that an initial consultation should be scheduled, we will email you with instructions on how to set a calendar date for an initial consultation.  If, however, we determine that meeting at this time is not appropriate or that we need more details before reaching a decision, we will notify you through the email address that you provide.


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